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OH MY GOD :) We just Loved meeting Jill and Todd on their Fabulous Children. They adopted Lenny and Ty from us. I have recieved such Wonderful Updates from Jill, Letting me know the Boys are doing great, and they Love them Dearly. here is what Jill said they are so sweet natured and loving, and FUNNY! Lenny could easily be an agility dog, he is amazingly fast, athletic, energetic and such an explorer. Ty is my super snuggle bug, he loves to be tucked in a shirt. We are glad we adopted both boys because they love to play with each other. Thanks for putting so much time and effort, love and care into breeding and raising the pups, it truly shows. Jill and Family.
We are so Thrilled that Lenny and Ty went to this Loving home. I know they are being Spoiled, and Pampered, loved and cherished:):)
Gorgeous Tiny Ty :):)
Gorgeous Angel Lenny :):)
This is Mary, She adopted this Beautiful Little Blue Merle/ white girl from me and named her Patches. I think her name fits her perfectly. Mary is a wonderful Lady that has adopted 4 Chihuahuas from me over the years. She Loves each one of them so much she keeps coming back for more. Mary told me she has had Chihuahuas all her life, But that the Chihuahuas she has gotten from me are the very Best Chi's she has ever had. they Are so Loving and sweet, such Perfect Angels:):):):)
The picture above and below are updated pics Libby sent me of Zoe Bean at Christmas. Zoe all grown up now, being Spoiled with tons of Christmas presents..LOL.. How Fabulous is that!
Tiny Zibeth. Adopted by the Pangopoulos Family. She is such a Fantastic Little Angel, We can never thank you enough for letting her become a part of our Family. We Love her more than we can ever say. Thank You!!
Zoe Bean
I can never say it enough, what a Beautiful Beauty, Tiny Beauty is. Love her she is our Tiny Angel blessing.
Little Mojo....Oh Yeah, he is Great.
Our 3 pound Bundle of Joy. She weighed 2.4 pounds when we got her from you Vickie. Here she is 4 years later all full grown, and still so Tiny. She is just 3 Pounds of Love.
UPDATED picture of Joni with Brian, in her new home.. I Love this pic! . This Gorgeous Little Girls name is Joni, her name is from the Bible, and it means God is Gracious. That is such an Awesome name. Brian came up with her name while reading a passage in his Bible. Brian and his wife Beth have became Wonderful friends over the years. Ever since they adopted their first Chihuahua from us many years ago. We Love Beth and Brian Dearly, and can think of no better home in the World for our Little Angels. I know it sounds like I am just bragging about what wonderful people they are, but i'm not. They are Truly the most Genuinely Loving, and Good people I have ever met. They don't have human children, and their Fur kids are their Children. They are so very Pampered and Loved, they go everywhere with Beth and Brian, They sleep with them, they have Tons of toys and clothes, But most of all they have that Special Bond with Beth and Brian, that can only come from a Parent to a Child.
Brian, Beth and the whole Family:):)
Beautiful Joni:):)
Beautiful Joni:):)
This is Jupiter. He lives with his new Family in Indianapolis IN. Monica and her Husband Tim bought Jupiter for their daughter Bethany. They are such a Great family. And I was so Very Impressed with Bethany, She is an outstanding young Lady, who at her young age has already published a book with some of her friends. Jupiter is one Very Lucky little puppy to be getting such a wonderful Family. I couldn't be more happy for Jupiter. A wonderful home, and a Wonderful life in store for him:):)
Gorgeous Jupiter:):)
This is King Louie, his new home is in Indianola Iowa with his new Mom Carrie and her Family. I just think King Louie is having the time of his life with this Wonderful Family. Here is the Update I got from Carrie....So I have had Louie for a week now and I have to say he's been wonderful. He has definitely found his "play" and loves chasing balls and chewing his toys. The potty training is going well and he even sleeps through the night. What a Good Boy!!!!
Gorgeous King Louie :):)
UPDATED picture of Oscar....With his best Friend Our Chocolate Lab Coco. They do everything together, and even though Oscar is so Tiny, him and Coco are best friends....Picture and update sent to me from Rhonda. Thank You.
Zoe Bean:):)
This is little McTavish. He has the most awesome home with his new Mom Michelle, and new Dad Tony. He is Spoiled Rotten. I have new pics they have sent me. I will get them posted soon:):)
This Little guys name is Chico. He recently had a Birthday, and he is 8 years old, and he weighs just 4 pounds. He was adopted from me by a wonderful Lady named Laura when he was just 8 weeks old. Laura has become one of my best friends over the years. I get to see Chico all the time and he is really spoiled so Completely. Laura has no human children, and her Chico Boy is her Child:):) She takes him everywhere with her that she can. Here he is on vacation with Laura....Rock climbing no less..LOL..
My Mom is a photographer. She tooki this awesome photo of me. Am I not the cutestest thing you have ever seen, yes i am!! Updated pic of King Louie from his Mom Carrie:):)
UPDATED pic of Joni in her toy box, surrounded by her toys. I L0ve this Pic. She is so adorable. Thank you Beth for sending this pic to me....LOVE IT!
This is Chloe. She is a Super Tiny Girl, weighing only 1.8 pounds at 4 months old. I was going to keep her because she is so tiny. Luckly Vicki came along, she is a stay at home mom, and she knows how to care for a very tiny Chihuahua. Vicki and her wonderful family live in Dixon IL. Chloe is one Lucky Little Girl to be getting such a wonderful Home And a Fantastic Family who will Pamper her like the Little Princess she is:):)
This is Maxx Boy with his new Mom. Her Name is Angela. Angela sent me an update on Maxx, letting me know that Maxxy Boy stayed very tiny weighing only 3.4 pounds.Angela told me that her and Family Love Maxx to the ends of the World. She Thanked me because Maxx was so well potty trained when she got him from me, and she was thrilled about that. Angela said the Brightest moment of her day is when she walks in the door from work, and Maxx runs up to greet her, and he dances, and dances he is so Happy.
This is Hayden. A Very Tiny Girl Will weighing just 28 Oz at 4 months old. She is such a Super Tiny Angel. This Baby girls new home is with her new Mom Roxanne and her husband, and Sons in NW Indiana. They are a Wonderful Family. When they came to pick up Hayden they fell in Love with her immedently, and could not get over how Beautiful she is.They are Thrilled to be getting her, and she is one Lucky Little Girl to be getting them. I know she is going to be Pampered, and Loved dearly:):)

Here are updated pictures of McTavish, with his dad Tony, and his best Pal and doggy brother Wyatt the Westie. His Mom Michelle, sent me the new pics and an update on McTavish.... It seems my Beautiful Little Tavish, is not my boy after all. He Loves me, but he is Totally smitten with my Husband Tony. Tony and Tavish are attached at the Hip. Tavish follows Tony everywhere, and is on Tonys lap the minuite Tony sits down. Tavish is a Wonderful Little guy, and we are so Happy we got him from you. He is our Little Boy. We love him so much. He is as smart as a Whip, and He sits pretty, comes, stays, and spins around....I am Extremely Thrilled that McTavish Got such a Wonderful Home with Michelle and Tony. They are Such a wonderful couple. They Love animals so much. They have 3 doggys now and an awesome bird named Bubba..LOL.. They are the Kind of Family I pray for when placing one of my Little Angels:):)
Here is an update and a New picture of Chloe sent to me from Vicki. here is what she had to say....Hi Vickie, Here's a new pic of Chloe. She is doing so good. She has gotten a tiny bit bigger. She is a whopping 30 OZ now. She is active as can be, running and playing with Sophie. Everyone that meets her falls in love. She is such a doll and she has such a sweet personality. We feel truly blessed and thankful to have her as part of our family. Thank you! Another Super Tiny From Victory Chihuahuas!!
Here is a new Update on Ty and Lenny from their Mom Jill....Just a note to say hi and tell you the Boys are doing fabulous. We are really enjoying the boys. They are so sweet natured, loving and FUNNY! Lenny could easily be an agility dog. He is amazingly fast, athletic, energetic and such an explorer. We have a fenced in yard. They enjoy exploring, smelling everything, and running laps. Ty is my super snuggle bug. He stays close to Mama, and watches everything i do, it cracks me up! They are both healthy, happy boys, and we enjoy them and their silly antics!
Coco. Little Guy 4 pounds. Mary's and Randy's Angel Boy.
Lili Bells and Gracie's new home is in Coal City IL. Their New Mom and Dad are Debbie and Dean. I am so Super Thrilled and Excited for these Little Girls because they got such a Fabulous home. here is an UPDATE from Debbie. The Girls are doing so Great. No Accidents. They are going potty outside awesome!! Lili seems to be the Leader, then Gracie follows. we are so glad we got the 2 of them togother. They sleep all night and not a peep. They are so very playful, and they are super Smart!! They have already learned to sit. THANK YOU so very much!! Debbie and Dean.

This is Bandit. His new home is with Stephanie and Pat. They live in Round Lake beach IL. I cried when I recieved this email from Stephanie. It made me so Proud, and Happy. I recieved this UPDATE from Stephanie....I have one huge thing to tell you and that is Thank You!!!! Everything you have done for our Little Guy is so Amazing. He seriously is the perfect puppy!! He has not had a single accident in the house. He has used his piddle pads a few times, other than that he goes outside. He sleeps just fine and doesn't cry at all!!!! I went back to work today and it was so hard for me to leave him. I actually cried the whole way to work. He has so many toys and boy I tell ya he plays with every single one. Thank you so much, you are such a gifted person for what you do for these pups!!
This is Super Beautiful Rare and Exotic Blue Merle Girl named Blanche:):):):) Her new Mom Kelly, and her family love this Little girl Dearly. The update from Kelly says the Girls love each other, they hit it off right away. they are great pals. Blanche's new home is in Woodstock IL. with her new family, Kelly her husband Jeff, and their 2 children, and another Chi Sister named Pearl. They are so excited about getting her. I am very excited for Blanche. What a Fantastic family she got.
This is Smokey. He is a Rare and Exotic Blue Merle Boy. He is an Awesome Exotic Longcoat. What a Gorgeous Angel he is. Smokey is sold to Terri and her 2 sons from Madison WI. We are so Happy for this Little Man. Terri already has 2 of our Chihuahuas. Her Sweet Sister Carrie Bought a Chi pup from us a few years ago for a surprise for Terri. His name is Snickers. Terri Loves him so much, she came back to us last year and bought Jusgie. Terri has been waiting a year to get this sweet Blue Merle Boy, and she has named him Smokey:):):):)
Congratulations Terri Ann, we know Smokey is getting a Wonderful Life with you, and your Boys. We know he will be spoiled, and Loved so very much.
A Tiny Angel named Bell. 3 pounds Full Grown:):)
Hayden, Super Tiny only 28 oz:):)..Micro Mini:):)
Beautiful girl named Princess Wink:):). Gorgeous Girl full grown 3.9 pounds.
Justice..Show Boy. Perfect Chi. Full grown 4 pounds:):).
Gorgeous TY,Tiny Boy from Victory Chihuahuas:):)
SUPER TINY. Another Super Tiny Girl from Victory Chihuahuas!!
LOVEY Tiny Baby. 10 weeks old.
Lovey 5 years old. She is a Tiny Wonderful Angel. Full grown 2 pounds 11 oz.
Shelby Lynn Micro Mini. She is 8 years old, and weighs just 2.2 pounds:):)
Darling Tempest.. Another Super Tiny. She weighs just 2 pounds at 6 months old.
Joni a very tiny She is Another Excellent Quality Merle Chihuahua from Victory Chihuahuas:):) Thank you Beth for sending me the new pic:):)
Lenny and Ty, Live in the Lap of Luxury!! I thank my Lucky Stars every day for the PERFECT, LOVING home these 2 boys have:):)
Pele a Tiny Boy from Victory Chihuahuas. He is the one on the end far right in pic. He came in second place in the Eukanuba race of Champions:):) We are so proud:):)
This is Buggitti. He is a Gorgeous Long coat Blue just like his Daddy Methos. A chip off the old block, he looks a lot like Daddy. Buggitti is now 2 years old and he weighs just 3 pounds. He has a SUPER WONDERFUL Family, who love him dearly. Sandra his mommy is a Fantastic Lady, Who spoils her Chihuahuas to the Max. They are not pets to her, they are members of her family. Buggitti is one Lucky Kid:):):):)
This is Tempest. She is a Tiny Girl weighing just over 2 pounds. She Is a Show girl. She self stacks so Beautifuly. A Gorgeous Tiny Angel. Show Quality All The way!! PS...Just Look at the beautiful Black spot on her side. It Looks just Like a Butterfly. I have never seen such an Awesome spot on another Chihuahua before:):)
This is Granyt. He is a Tiny Dude, A Gorgeous Blue Merle Boy. His Family Loves him dearly, and he loves them Dearly, He really Loves the Kids.
This is Tiny Gorgeous Steven Tyler. I get Photos and Updates on him and his Brother John Lennon very often. He has stayed so very Tiny, and he is the Spitting Image of his daddy Jasper. Thank you Jill for these Wonderful new Pictures, and the Wonderful Updates you send:):)
UPDATE ON TEMPEST....This is Tiny, Tiny Tempest. Tempest Lives On a Beautiful Horse Ranch in North Carolina with her Family Steve and Tricia. Steve Cowan is the Owner/Artistic Director of Hanlon-Lee Action Theatre. Also Owner of a Theatrical Jousting Troupe. Steve and Tricia also travel around the country performing in Renaissance Faires everywhere. They both perform in the Jousting Troupe, and Tricia also has a Leather and Fine Arts Shop. They are Very Good Friends with my Friend Patty Smith. Patty Smith delivered Tempest to them at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Here are a few New photos. My Favorite one is of Tiny, Tiny Tempest, Being held by her Dad Steve "Sir Mauldron" Here is Tempest, she is 8 months old, and weighs just a couple pounds soaking wet..LOL.. I am so Excited to have yet another one of Victory Chihuahuas Puppies in a Celebrity Home. I guess that makes her a Tiny Celebrity:):)
Here are 4 Photos, Taken By Professional Photographer Patty Smith, of Steve and Tricia With Tiny, Tiny Tempest:):)
Update from One of my Chihuahua Families. They adopted these 2 gorgeous chihuahua Boys in this pic from me. Here is the we took Lenny and Ty to a pet expo and guess who we met? We met Shorty Rossi, aka the "Pit Boss" My daughter Jojo is a big fan of the show and she is really passionate about the plight of the pit bull so we took her and her best friend to meet Shorty. They all took a pic together with our Chi's It was so much fun, a great event.
Granyt All grown up. His Family just sent me this new pic. He is so Super Gorgeous. A Tiny Dude, and He is Loved Dearly By his Family.
Just got this new pic and update on Maxx from his Mommy Angela...... Hi Vickie, It has been a while since I updated you on Maxx. Maxx Is So Tiny. He is all grown up now. He only weighs just 4.5 pounds. GOD we Love him so much. He runs to meet me when I get home from work, He has such a Wonderful, Playful adventures Spirit. We Love his Loving Friendly Nature, and his silly antics keep us laughing. We totally LOve, LOve his Ears. They are the biggest thing on him, LOL.. Can't thank you enough Vickie for our Tiny Maxx.
Here is an updated Picture of Josey sent to me from her Mom Lynne. As you can see Josey Loves her Brother Smoke very Much, And Smoke loves Josey too, and lets her use him for a pillow..LOL.. Josey is 4 and a half years old. She weighs 5.5 pounds, and She was born on Leap day 2008, So Lynne, and her family celebrate Josey's Birthday on March 1st....I am so very Happy, and Feel Blessed that Josey has such a Wonderful Loving Family. Thank You Lynne for the new picture and Update:):)
Updated pics of Lenny and Ty 2 GORGEOUS brothers. They have a SUPER WONDERFUL FAMILY:):)
UPDATE.. 2 new pics of sweet darling Walle. Sent to me from a Wonderful couple his Mom and Dad Amy and Dave from East Troy WI. They Love him so much, Amy says he just turned 2, and he is the best little Guy Ever!!
UPDATE.. Here are 4 pics of Gabby and Gunner. Sister and Brother. The are 2 very GORGEOUS Blue Merle ANGELS. They Have a Wonderful Mom and Dad. What a Great Family:):)
UPDATE....A new pic just sent to me from Shelly. This is one of Truly's Babies. Her Name Is Brew. She has been named after her Great Grandma My Magical Brew. She is about 6 months old in this pic. She is such a Tiny Gorgeous Chihuahua. Shelly Loves her so VERY MUCH.
Another Pic of one of my Gorgeous Puppys Gabby is a Gorgeously Stunning Blue Merle Girl :):)
UPDTED.... Photo of Walter. From his Mom Kristi. Walter is now 8 years old. Doesn't he Look FABULOUS. He doesn't look a day over 2. Walts mom Kristi tells me that Walter is as sweet now at 8 years old as he was when she got him from me all those years ago when he was 8 weeks old :) His Family Loves and Cherishes their Little Walter Boy!! updated photo from Shelly. The one on the far left is Brew....Gosh she stayed sooo TINY. The Boy on the far right is Granyt. He is full grown and stayed super Tiny too. He weighs about 3 pounds. And the Little girl Merle in the middle is Granyt's daughter. 3 SUPER GORGEOUS TINY CHI'S YEAH:)
UPDATED PHOTO....This is COCO. Her Daddy is a Race Car Driver....YEA....Her she is standing on his Race Car. THANK YOU so much Laurie and Paul for the updated photo of Coco. Laurie says Coco is the best doggy in the World. They love her to the moon and back. And can't believe she is already 4 years old
New Update on Cisco. 4/16/13....All grown up now. He is a puppy from a long time ago. He has a WONDERFUL family. Here is the new Update his Mom Sheri just sent me.... My Little Cisco is so spoiled, every week he goes out for french fries, and he only eats McDonalds. he goes for rides with us practically everywhere. believe me he knows those arches. Mike has taught him to hunt. He tries to tree squirrels, hunts rabbits even deer, however they always outrun him. He is so lovable he has to be on one of our laps at all times. He is surely Loved. I can't imagine my life without him.... Sheri
Here are some photos of Sweet Gorgeous Kayloni with her Fabulous family. Kay kay is 9 years old now. Jamie has sent me Lots of pics, and updates of Kayloni over the years. Her family Loves her so much. Jamie tells me that Kay Kay Loves the kids so much. She rides with Jamie to pick the kids up from school, and stares out the window waiting for them to come out of school. She sleeps with the kids, and loves playing with the kids, and she is a Loving member of their Family. They Love her so much, and thank me all the time for letting her become a part of their Family. I am so Happy for Kayloni. She is very Lucky to have such a Wonderful Family.
Buggati and Porcha....2 Gorgeous, Sweet, Lovable Angels. They will be remembered always, and thought of every Day. They were taken from this world way too soon. My heart goes out to the Jones Family. Rest in Peace Little Angels Buggati and Porcha.
Here are a couple pics of Mojo with his Dad Tom. Tom and his wife Wendy adopted Mojo from me, and I coulfn't be more delighted. They are a FANTASTIC couple. They Love Mojo so much. He couldn't have a better home. I am so happy for this Little Guy. He is Being Spoiled, and Pampered Completely. Love you Tom and Wendy. Mojo is one Lucky Little Dude to become a member of your Family!!