UPDATE: Victoria, Just an update on Sophie. She is so Wonderful. We are really enjoying her and she has Absoultely made herself at home. She runs around chasing, and playing with Indee and his toys. She is such a little Lover, constantly Kissing. She has never gone potty in the house. She is perfect. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her. That is why I waited for one of your puppies. I could tell you Love your dogs as much as we Love ours, and that really means a lot to us. Here is a pic of her in her Christmas outfit. She is a Little Angel. I cannot tell you how much she is Loved:) Brian calls her Sopie Rose, because the fur behind her ears look like rose petals. She is extremely spoiled by all of us....Sophie Rose lives in Janesville WI. With her Mom Sarah and Dad Brian. They are a wonderful couple. I am beyond thrilled Sophie has such a wonderful home.
Here is Little Mojo Jojo. He is Loving called Jo by his fantastic Mom and Dad. He lives in Joliet IL. with is Mom and Dad Wendy and Tom. I get lots of pics and updates from Tom and Wendy often. They Love him so much. He has a sister Chi named Chica. They play and get in trouble together..lol.. Tom contacted me when their other little Chihuahua Nacho Man who was 15 years old passed away. They Loved him so much. I couldn't ask for a better home for Jo. This couple won my heart with just how wonderful they are. So very Knowledgeable about dogs, and so Caring, and Loving. You will never meet 2 more wonderful people. And I am proud to have one of my puppies in their home :) :)
Here is pictures of Brittany With the 2 Chihuahuas she got from me. The first pic is Brittany and Sweet Auggie. the second pic is brittany with Little Piper. Brittany and her boyfriend James bought Auggie from me last year. They Love her so very much they came back to get another one of my Babbies, Little Piper. They live in Fort Atkinson WI. Brittany sent me an Update letting mr know How much the Girls Love each other. And How much they Love their Girls. She said everone is doing so Great, and she would never get a puppy from anyone but me. She is thrilled that they are so sweet and Friendly, and Potty trained so well. She thanked me for doing such a wonderful job with her Babies. I am so happy that 2 of my Babies got such a Fantastic home with Brittany and James.
This Beautiful Tiny Girl is Gidget. She lives in Decatur IL. with her mom Kelli. And her broth Chihuahua Elliot that Kelli bought from me 2 years ago. They are doing Great, and Kelli Loves them with all her heart.
UPDATE: This is Pickles and Kayloni. They Live in Maskego WI. with their Fantastic Family. Mom Jamie Dad Dylan, and 3 kids Kaden, Adesa, and Kole. They got Kayloni from me 6 years ago and now have come back to me and got Pickles. When I met them I knew they were a perfect Family. The Children are so sweet and loving and careful with my Chihuahua puppies. Here is the update i got from Jamie. Everything is going so great. No accidents in the house. Kay Loves Pickles so much. They nap together all the time. It is so cute!!!! The Kids have always Love Kay Kay so much. She has brought us so much Joy. And now the Kids Love Pickles so much too. They are sooooooo Happy!! We All Love her so much. We can never thank you enough!!!!
UPDATED PHOTO of Adesa and Pickles. Adesa Loves Pickles so much. I couldn't ask for a Better Family. They now have 2 of my Sweet Chihuahuas.
This is my Very Tiny Boy Milo. He weighs just 2 pounds. He is featured here in an article in the Chihuahua Conection Magazine several years ago. The Magazine asked me for a photo of him for their article to dispel the term tea cup Chihuahua. I am proud they picked my photo for the magazine. And I am proud to say I have always sold my Puppies for the same price, whether they are Very Tiny or Standard size.
This Tiny Little Guy was born on 10/30/14. His Mom is Journey, his Dad is Jasper. His Mom has decided to name him Niko. It means One who is Victorious. I Totally Love this name. So unique and Special:):) His new home is in Manitowoc WI. Niko has such a Wonderful Home. Jackie is his new Mom. She is so Excited to have him, I just Love this Lady and her famliy. She has Given Niko A wonderful Home, Where he is Spoiled Completely and Loved so Dearly. I am so Happy for this Kid:):)....:):)
Born 10/30/14.... This Little guys name is Stanley. His Mom is Journey, his Dad Jasper. He is another Ultra Tiny Puppy. Kara and David are so excited to get him. His new home is in Elkhorn WI. He has a Chihuahua Brother named Henry. Kara and her husband David call Henry "Almost Perfect". And they call Little Stanley "Almost Perfect Two" . LOL...That is so Adorable. He is one Tiny Spoiled Kid. I am so happy for him. A new Mom and Dad, and a New Fur Brother too. They already Love Henry so Dearly, and Kara told me They already Love Stanley So Dearly Too....:):)
This Little Tiny Girls name is Gypsy. Born 10/30/14. She is an ultra tiny Girl. Her Mom is Journey, her dad is Jasper. Her New home is in Lynnville IA. With her new Mom Susie, her new Dad Keith, and her new Girl Mykala. Susie and Mykala have been waiting so long to get a Puppy from me, but their wait is over, and they sure are getting a perfect Little Girl. OH MY GOD GYPSY is so spoiled!! Susie has already made her Tons of Little clothes. SUZYS CREATIVE FASHIONS... will also be pictured on my website soon. Her Creations are so Gorgeous and perfect. You will be able to contact Susie directly to buy Beautiful Clothes for your Fur Kid:):) I am so Happy for Gypsy, she has a SUPER Fantatic Home, where she is spoiled so much, and Pampered completely:):)....:):)
This Little Guy was Born 10/30/14. He went to his new home Just in time for Christmas. His name is Tosi. It is a river in Alaska. His new Mom Laura Loves Alaska and would Love to live there. Laura Bought a puppy from me years ago. His name is Chico. He is SO SUPER SPOILED. And I know Little Tosi will be just as spoiled, and Completely Pampered Just Like Chico. Laura is already out shopping for clothes and a car seat for him..He is AKC registered. He is a Long Coat Chihuahua. His Mom is my Honahlee. His Dad is my Champion Sired Sungolds Trygvie Nectar Punch. His Grandfather is International Champion Samajotos One "N" Only Knock Out. He is a Champion in Japan, the USA, and Canada. And Grandpa on Honahlees side is CH Hurds Prom Knight. He has an EXCELLENT Pedigree, with tons of Champions in it...:):)
Born 10/30/14. This Little Guys name is Tighe. His name is a name of an old Norse Poet. Dawn always comes up with such Unique names. But they are going to call him "T" for a nick name. He was born 10/30/14. He is Honahlee and Trygies Boy. This little guy Lives in Yorkville ILL. with his new Mom and Dad Dawn and Brian. Dawn and Brian are a Wonderful couple. He is so Lucky. He is getting the best Home ever. They are so excited to have Little "T"
His Mom is my Honahlee. His Dad is my Champion Sired Sungolds Trygvie Nectar Punch. His Grandfather is Champion Samajotos One "N" Only Knock Out. He is an International Champion, in Japan the USA and Canada. And Grandpa on Honahlees side is CH Hurds Prom Knight. He has an EXCELLENT Pedigree, with tons of Champions in it :):)
Born on 10/30/14.. This little Guys new name is Ruger. I Love the Name Ruger it is so Different and Unusual. His Mom is my Journey and His Dad is Jasper. His new home is in Raymond ILL. with his new Dad Kyle and his Girlfriend. They are so Super excited about having Ruger. Kyle Got a Chihuahua puppy from us in 2010. Little Drake. I am so Happy for Ruger. He is Living in the country, were he runs and plays every day. Such a Happy go Lucky Kid. Ruger is Loved Dearly and is OH SO SPOILED By his new Dad and Mom I am So..So Happy for this Little Guy, He is has a Fantastic Home.... :):)
****KARMA**** Born 6-15-15 This Tiny Girl is Such a Beauty:):) weight 2.6 OZ. She is a Gorgeous Black, with some White markings. Beautiful Apple Head. A Wonderful Angel, that is getting a Wonderful Home. Her New Mom and Dad Tom and Wendy Got a puppy from me last year, his name is Mojo, and now they are coming back for their little Karma:):) I am Excited for this Little Girl, She is getting such an Awesome home. Tom and Wendy are such Wonderful, Loving and Caring people, I am so Happy to add another Baby to their Home:):)
KARMA UPDATE : Karma is in her new Home, with Tom and Wendy. This Tiny Girl Has stayed so Itty Bitty. Weighing just 26 oz. We started calling her House Mouse..LOL..We are Beyond thrilled with her new Home. They Love and Cherish this Tiny Kid. We will miss our Tiny ****HOUSE MOUSE**** But we know she is in the Best Home ever.
****DUTCH****....BORN....6-15-15. He is a Super Gorgeous Boy. Black, Tan, And White. Perfect Apple Head. Weighs 3.0 OZ. Dutch is Getting a Fantastic Family. His New Mom and Dad Beth and Brian are Just so excited to be getting Dutch, they are already preparing for his homecomming. Beth and Brian have over the years adopted 5 Chihuahuas from me. They Love them so much they keep coming back for more:):) Dutch is one Lucky Boy to be getting Beth and Brian for his Mom and Dad. It makes my Heart Feel so Glad To know he will be the newest Member of their wonderful Family:):)
****MISHU**** Born 6-15-15.... Weight is 3.8 OZ... Mishu is a Rare and Exotic Blue Merle, with a White Blaze on his forehead. He is Just Beyond Gorgeous:):) Perfect Apple Head. This Little Dude is going to a wonderful Couple that Lost their Fur Kid not long ago. I know this Little Angel Boy will help fill that void in their heart. Their Daughter Stephany is getting Little River for her Mom and Dad. I am So Happy for MISHU he is gertting a Fantastic Home:):)
****HEMI****....Born 6-15-15 This tiny guy is a Gorgeous Rare and exotic Blue Merle. Weight 3.8 OZ. He is such a Sweetheart. His Coloring is just Beyond Stunning:):) His Gorgeous Merling is from the Tip of his nose to the Tip of his tail. Perfect Apple Head. So Super Gorgeous:):) Hemi's new home will be in Madison WI. His New Mom Amber is very excited about getting him. We are thrilled for her. Hemi is a Darling Sweetheart.
This is LAMBEAU He is a Little dude, born 9/24/15.... Lambeau is a Gorgeous Rare and Exotic Lavender Blue. He is so super shinny, he just shimmers. His new homeis in Port Washington WI. with his new Mom Misti and her husband Lee. I just know he will be spoiled Completely, and Loved so Dearly, Just Like Misti's other Pets. He will have 2 dog brothers, and a cat brother to play with. I am so happy for LAMBEAU, he is one Lucky Kid to be getting such he a Wonderful home:):) LAMBEAU IS A PAIGE AND METHOS PUPPY.

This Tiny Girls name is Zoe. This Little Sweatheart was born 9/24/15....She is a GORGEOUS CHOCOLATE with tan/white markings. Her new home will be in Rockton IL. Her New Mom and Dad are Carol and Randy. They are so excited to be getting her, and Carol told me she Loves her already:):) I Know she will be getting a Fantastic home with Carol and Randy, where she will be Spoilied beyond compare, and Pampered completely. And she will have a Chihuahua Sister Named Mollie to Play with too. What a WONDERFUL Life this kid will have:):) ZOE IS A PAIGE AND METHOS PUPPY.

This Beautiful Young Lady's name is Courtney. Here she is holding Sweet Teddy. Teddy is one of Khaleesi and Methos's Boys. Ray adopted Teddy from us for his Mother, But the whole Fanily Quickly fell in Love with Teddy. Ray says Teddy has become Great friends with their other dog Buddy, and loves to run and play with him. He also runs to the door each day when Ray gets home wagging his tail like crazy to greet him. Courtney Loves him so much, and Rays wife Jenny says I have the Best most Excellent Chihuahuas in the World. And Teddy is admired by all of her friends.Courtney, Jenny and Ray are Very Knowledgable about Chihuahuas. I am so Happy Teddy has this Wonderful Family that Loves Him Beyond all Measure.
My Girls Nightrah and Venus. They are Pups I kept here at VICTORY"S CHIHUAHUAS. They are Both So Gorgeous I just could not let them go. You can see many more Pics of them on my FABULOUS GIRLS Page:):)
This is Tiny Oscar. He weighs 2.3 pounds. He is a Rare and Exotic True Blue. SOOO STUNNING. :):) Oscar is Loved Beyond all Measure By his Mom and Dad, Angela and Paul, Their Little Chihuahua Casper passed away at the age of 17, and they thought they would never be happy again. But Angela tells me that Oscar has healed their Hearts. He is such a Sweet and Silly Boy, So Gorgeous, so Wonderful, such a Charecter, that their Life is fill with Joy again. It makes my Heart so Happy to know he has such an Awesomely Fantastic Home.
Born..4/5..This Beautiful, Stunning, Rare and Exotic Chocolate Blue Merle Girls name is Dani. Short for Daenerys. Mother Of Dragons from the Game of Thrones. I wanted to keep this Little Girl for myself. But the Lady that is Getting her IS SO VERY WONDERFUL, I just could not say no to her. Her Name is Linda. She has been waiting a Long time to get one of my Puppies. UPDATE from Linda..She told me Dani is her Child. Not a Dog, But Her Child. She says Dani is so Smart, Potty trained so well, So Perfect in every way, and Makes her Laugh every day. And Dani has a God Mother also, her name is Saleen. She Pampers and dotes on Dani constantly. And all the ladies in Lindas Appartment Complex Love Dani to the moon and back. How Great is that. Dani is Loved so Very Dearly. And Pampered Beyond words. :):)
This is Reggie and Nico. They are Brothers. GORGEOUS Chocolate and Tan Boys. Tiny Dudes that have one of the most Fantastic homes ever. Their Mom and Dad Tracey, and Mike are Head over heals in Love with these Boys. They tell me they are Thrilled with Reggie and Nico and getting Both boys from me was the Best decision they ever made. :):) I Love this Family, they Are Sweet, Wonderful People.
This Tiny Girls name is Tiny. She is a Beautiful Black and Tan Girl with White markings. Her Mom is A Super Wonderful Lady. She had a tiny Black and Tan Chihuahua when she was young, and she always wanted another one. She Updated me and Told me that this Tiny Girl is a Dream come true. Tiny is so very Perfect. She is Beautiful, sweet, Loves everyone, and potty trained perfectly. Her and her husband Love her more than anything. Oh My GOD I am so Thrilled for Tiny Baby. There could not be a more PERFECT Home for her. :):)
.. This Little Girl name is Allistrine Mauve :):) She is a Absoultey Gorgeous Rare and Exotic Chocolate/Blue and Tan Merle Girl:):) I could not be more Excited that I got such a Fantastic Baby :):)
This is Silly River. He is such a CHARECTER...LOL... His Mamas Melissa and Andrea Tell me how much They Love River all the Time. TO THE MOON AND BEYOND. River Loves to watch TV. Talk on the phone, and keep everyone Laughing....LMBO....