This is another video of Greggoria. We call her Gregg the Girl Chihuahua with the Boy Name. Here she is at a year old. She hasn't grown much. Still very Tiny weighing only 3.8 pounds. She is a Tiny Sweet Chihuahua. All my friends and family Love her. I Gave her to one of my Good friends Patty Smith. Patty and her family Love Gregg Very much. They are very Grateful that I gave them Gregg. Here is a Video Patty sent me for my Website.
This is Greggoria. we call her Gregg. The Girl Chihuahua with the Boy Name. She is Super Tiny. In this Video she is 5 and a half months old and weighs just 2 pounds 4 Oz.
Below is a Video of 3 Gorgeous Tiny Chihuahua Puppies. 3 Little Girls. Another Awesome Litter from Victory Chihuahuas:):)
People who have my pups are always telling me that my puppies are Super Gorgeous, Fun Loving, Outgoing, Super Friendly and Truly Awesome Pups. Please Enjoy these Videos of some of our Babies from VICTORY CHIHUAHUAS.
Here is a pic of Zoe all grown up. What a Litle Diva she is. And here is a Video of Zoe when she was a Baby. Sent to me from her Mom Libby. Thank you Libby, I Love it:):)
Here is a video of my Gorgeous Little Gigi Snoring away..LOL.. Taking her Sunday afternoon nap. Love this Girl, She is my Baby :) :)
Here is a Video of Mojo Jojo. What a Smart Boy. He shakes the shoe on command..LOL.. How adorable is that. Pretty daen adorable I say :) :)