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Our Puppies will come with AKC and or CKC registration papers, 8 generation pedigree papers, written health guarantee, complete veterinarian examination, first vaccinations, and a continuing veterinarian schedule, 2 wormings. We start their potty training regime when they are 5 weeks old, so they are well on their way to being trained when they go to their new homes. We only have just 2 litters of puppies a year, so we have plenty of time, and Love to give each puppy, and we so look forward to it. It is so exciting, and new each time we have new Babies to Spoil, and we cherish them Dearly. The Babies also come with a complete puppy pack, containing....A new baby Blanket, Beautiful Little Sweaters and Hats that i knit, There will be Toys, and Treats, and puppy Biscuits, a week supply of puppy food, complete puppy care instructions. And ofcourse they come well socialized, and pre spoiled. They will have everything a new baby could need.

If you would like to be on our update, contact list just send me an email, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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We have a new litter of puppies coming. They are due between the first and second week in October. our Little Venus is the Mommy and our Little Guy Methos is the Daddy, See pics and info below of Venus and Methos, :} If you wish to be updated, send me an email.
Venus is 3 years old she is now Fully Grown and she weighs 4.8 pounds. She is the Mommy of the Litter that is Coming. Venus is a RARE and EXOTIC Blue Merle, Red Brindle. You can see her Blue Merling, and her Red Brindle Very Clearly. We are just So Very Thrilled with our Tiny Venus :):) She has Grown up just Beyond Gorgeous. Her Full AKC/CKC registered name is
**VICTORY'S RISING STAR VENUS** Born here at Victory Chihuahuas, We are Beyond Excited About this Little Girl. She comes from Championship Bloodlines, and as you can see for yourself she is Show Quality. She is the most Perfect Quality Merle Chihuahua I have ever seen, and I challenge anyone to show me a more Perfect Chihuahua. I am very excited to see the Gorgeous Puppies she will give us. She has Many, Many Champions in her Pedigree'
**METHOS** OUR SWEET DARLING ANGEL BOY. Methos is pronunced ..(Me Those).. He comes from Scottish Bloodlines, and he is our Tiny Scottish God. ( He is so very gorgeous.) As you can see he is the truly Rare and Exotic True Blue, and he has perfect markings that are Silver Blue. His Gorgeous Blue eyes will melt your heart. Methos is the cobby type chihuahua, with great conformation, and a prestigious pedigree, Boasting 42 Champions. And with all these wonderful Quilities going for him, he also has the most wonderful, loving personality in the world. He is Super Friendly. And just Loves everyone he mets Instantly. I have had so many people who have come to my Home want to Buy Methos from me. I could Never Let My Little Guy Go. We Love him So Very Dearly:):)
Methos is AKC and CKC registered, and comes from championship Bloodlines. As an adult now, fully grown Methos weighs about 4 pounds Methos is a proven stud, with many EXCELLENT PUPPIES to his credit. He comes from tiny stock. his history, and Bloodlines have been researched back for several generations, revealing tiny progeny for all generations. Methos has produced outstanding puppies in many colors including, Blues, Brindles, Whites, Fawns and Blue fawns. We Love this Little guy Dearly. He is a Wonderful, Gorgeous, Fun loving Out going little Character.
Methos is NOT for sale or available for stud.